Up-to-date legal information is power! The firm is co-owner of the Israeli legal website PsakDin.co.il, and serves as its legal editor. It thereby acquires unprecedented legal knowledge and online legal information that provides it with extraordinary legal capabilities.


PsakDin, the Israeli legal website, was founded in 1999 by Adv. Zeev Welner, one of Israel’s leading lawyers, who initiated precedents of great public significance. Adv. Shahar Welner, his son and founding partner in the Altshuler-Welner law firm, helped him found the site and manage it.
The idea to establish the website came from the realization of the growing need for up-to-date legal information, among both legal professionals (lawyers, judges, etc.) and the general public.

Adv. Shahar Welner, who has been manager and editor-in-chief of the site since its inception, has forged and developed unique and unprecedented links in making legal information available to various communities in Israel, thereby making the PsakDin the most popular legal website in Israel.

The website is a crossroads for up-to-date legal information. It includes hundreds of thousands of units of legal information – news, articles, legal rulings, legislation, etc.


An exclusive agreement with the Israel Bar Association

In order to realize his vision of making professional and current legal information accessible to the Israeli public, Adv. Welner initiated a unique collaboration with the Israel Bar Association (IBA), in which the IBA acquired a subscription to the website’s databases for all the lawyers in Israel. Tens of thousands of lawyers promptly registered with the website.

Cooperation agreements with Ynet and Calcalist

In view of the high quality of the legal content being created by the website’s editors, and the desire to provide the general public with legal services and information, strategic agreements were signed with Ynet and Calcalist in which PsakDin became Ynet’s legal channel, and its content obtains significant exposure in Calcalist.

International Legal Services

Adv. Altshuler is the first Israeli member of Law Europe International and represents Israeli and foreign entities in deals, arbitrations and litigations within Israel and abroad.

Areas Of Practice

  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate Law
  • Computers & Internet
  • Labor Law
  • Media
  • Banking Law
  • Real Estate
  • International Law
  • contracts
  • Commercial Law
  • commercial litigation
  • high-tech
  • energy and infrastructure
  • pro-bono
  • ADR
  • sladnder
  • Trade Marks


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