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Areas of practice

  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate Law
  • Computers & Internet
  • Labor Law
  • Media
  • Banking Law
  • Real Estate
  • International Law
  • contracts
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Shahar Welner

Founder and senior partner

Lawyer, Notary & Mediator

Represents both Israeli and foreign entities in domestic and international transactions, litigation and arbitration.

Practice Areas

Mr. Welner deals in local and international Intellectual Property, Communication and Media, Civil – Commercial litigation, Internet, Computer and Software, Labor, Banking & Investments, Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Reorganization, Corporate Law and Real Estate..

Mr. Welner is qualified as a Lawyer, Notary and Mediator.  

Intelctual Property

Head of Intellectual Property (designs, patents, trade marks, copyright, commercial secrets etc.), Internet-computers and Media Group and serves as the Israeli member of IP-Practice Group at Law Europe International.

Mr. Welner has worldwide legal experience in Trade Mark registration.

Real Estate

Mr. Welner has extensive experience  in  complex real-estate transactions, development and  contracting, including  projects of  "TAMA38" (government supported rehabilitation of older buildings)

For years, he represented the Directors & Scripters Unions of Israel.

Law Europe International

Mr. Welner is  the first Israeli representative of media and intellectual property at Law Europe International, which enables the provision of  legal services in  various countries across  the  globe, in the  fields  of  media  and intellectual  property.  Israeli Legal Network

 Editor in Chief of the Israeli Legal Network "PsakDin" (, most prominent and widely read Legal Website in Israel as well as Editor of Communications, Intellectual Property and Labor, Law departments at ("PsakDin" is the Hebrew word for "Verdict")


Since 1996 - has served as a volunteer at “Halev Bamishpat”, the legal aid project of The Movement For Fighting Poverty in Israel.

Founder and Chairman of the Israel Bar Association's (IBA) Pro-Bono program ("Schar Mitzva"), the largest volunteer legal aid organization in Israel.

Since 2000, Chairman of the Legal Aid Committee of the IBA. Within this framework activity, he initiated, in cooperation with the IBA’s past President, Dr. Shlomo Cohen, the IBA’s Pro-Bono program for the purpose of increasing legal aid to those of limited means, and promoting law in the community.

Since its inception,has served as the Pro-Bono project joint Chairman, together with Advocate Yigal Arnon; and since 2007 together with the previous Chairman of IBA’s Jerusalem District.

Admitted to Practice

Israel 1998. Member of the Israel Bar Association.         


Interned and practiced law for 3 years at the Rotenshtrech – Gicelter law firm. In 1999 joined the Ze’ev Welner law firm as the head of the Commercial Division. Afterwards he associated with Advocate Amir Altshuler and together they established their law firm. One of the founders of the Israeli legal network.


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