Amir Altshuler

Founder and senior partner


Specializes in Corporate law, Commercial and Civil Litigation, deals with solving international disputes, specializes in Banking Law, Real Estate law and deals with Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Reorganization of corporations. 

As part of the ongoing work, Mr. Altshuler advises various entities related to the diamond industry in Israel and worldwide, handles internal arbitrations and deals with the various institutions of the Israeli Diamond Exchange on a daily basis.  Mr. Altshuler's experience in the field also includes establishing factories to polish rough diamonds in China.

Mr. Altshuler deals in the field of Energy and Natural Resources and has the expertise as well as a wide range of international legal knowledge concerning the activities of investors in developing countries. 

Mr. Altshuler specializes in designing complex structures for international corporations. This specialty is necessary when advising and accompanying various entities who deal with real estate investments within Israel and abroad, as well as companies who deal with online commerce, binary options, Forex, etc.

Mr. Altshuler's activity in the real estate field includes advising and executing real estate deals (such as combination transactions, purchase and sale of residences, commercial real estate, agricultural land, "TAMA 38" and deals pertaining to what is known as "Igud Mikarkin") as well as real estate related litigation (including disassembling partnerships).

Mr. Altshuler is the first Israeli member of Law Europe International and represents Israeli and foreign entities in deals, arbitrations and litigations within Israel and abroad.

This international activity has included Brazil, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Ivory Coast (West Africa), Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech- Republic, Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, UK, USA (Delaware, Nevada, New York & Texas), Canada, among others.

Mr. Altshuler is the Editor of Banking and Real Estate sections at the Israeli Legal Network "PsakDin" ( ) and had held the position of a member of the Banking committee of the Israel Bar Association (IBA) in Tel Aviv and lectures at conferences concerning legal aspects of Real Estate and Mortgages, held by the IBA.

Mr. Altshuler was chosen by the international guide Global Law Experts as a leading lawyer of Corporate Law in Israel in 2013.

Mr. Altshuler is of an LLM in commercial law from Tel Aviv University and LLB from University of Essex UK. He works in both English and Hebrew and is an active notary as well. 


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