The firm was established by its two partners, advocates Shahar Welner and Amir Altshuler.

Advocates Shahar Welner and Amir Altshuler first met in 1997 when they both interned in the law firm Rotenshtreich & Gitzelter.

In 1999 Advocate Welner joined his father Ze'ev Welner at his firm and Advocate Altshuler continued to work for Gitzelter.

Since then and until establishment of the firm in the beginning of 2003, Welner and Altshuler kept in close touch on a business and personal level, while working together on files, deals, opinion letters, articles, etc.

As time passed and after each had paved his own way in the legal practice, Advocates Welner and Altshuler decided to join forces and establish a joint law firm.

The expertise they each acquired allows the firm to offer a wide range of legal services while specializing in most fields of local and international commercial law, including banking, real estate, corporate, labor, libel and defamation, intellectual property, communications and media.

The fact that Altshuler- Welner is a young and dynamic firm has allowed such a wide variety and growth of legal activity and unprecedented results for the clients of the firm.

The firm is the chief editor of the Israeli legal website known as "PsakDin" and as a result our clients receive the most up to date professional assistance.

PsakDin is the legal channel of the leading online news site Ynet and one of the most prominent contributors to the leading online financial site Calcalist.

Additionally and as an inseparable part of the firm's activity, Advocates Welner and Altsuler work completely pro bono in order to make the legal system more accessible to the general public by taking a major part in projects that grant legal services to those of low social economic standing, such as a program called "Schar Mitzva" run by the Israeli Bar Association and a project called "HaLev Bamishpat" run by the Organization to Fight Poverty.

Altshuler- Welner is the only Israeli representative in the international legal organization Law Europe International which is an international network of lawyers who supply legal services to clients worldwide.  The organization was established in 1992 and has over 800 lawyers as members worldwide. 

Being a member of this organization provides clients of the firm with a significant advantage, in that they are able to access worldwide legal services.

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Areas Of Practice

  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate Law
  • Computers & Internet
  • Labor Law
  • Media
  • Banking Law
  • Real Estate
  • International Law
  • contracts
  • Commercial Law
  • commercial litigation
  • high-tech
  • energy and infrastructure
  • pro-bono
  • ADR
  • sladnder
  • Trade Marks


  • Hebrew
  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • flemish

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